Sam Lewis An American Musician and Songwriter

Sam Lewis isn't just a musician. He's a weaver of tales, capturing the essence of human experience in every note and lyric. Chris Stapleton calls him "a modern Townes Van Zandt," and with good reason. Lewis's voice often likened to molasses dripping from a Southern porch, carries a soulful weight that transcends genre. His music is a gumbo of feel-good grooves and vital social commentary. It is a testament to years spent honing his craft on the red dirt roads of the American Southeast.  Read Sam's biography to.  learn more about this soulful storyteller weaving tales of humanity. 

From Wandering Soul to Nashville Icon: The Rise of Sam Lewis

Nashville became his home in 2009. Since then his musical family has grown to include some of the industry's finest. His discography, like a treasured anthology, reveals his artistic evolution. These include his self-titled debut (2012), the yearning "Waiting On You" (2015), the introspective "Loversity" (2018), and the stripped-down intimacy of "Solo" (2020). Each album, co-produced by legends like Oliver Wood (The Wood Brothers) and graced by the talents of music royalty like Mickey Raphael (Willie Nelson), Darrell Scott (Robert Plant), and the McCrary Sisters, has garnered critical acclaim, showcasing Lewis' unyielding commitment to raw songwriting.

Building His Musical Family: Lewis's Collaborations with Industry Legends

"Waiting On You," co-produced with Wood, was a masterclass in soulful expression. Rolling Stone included Lewis in their "10 New Artists to Watch" list for "Loversity," an album Marissa Moss described as "seventies psychedelic soul with a storyteller's eye, a swampy Southern groove, and an emotional, political punch." Lewis' band, featuring a star-packed rhythm section including JT Cure and Derek Mixon (Chris Stapleton) as well as guitarists Kenny Vaughan (Marty Stuart) and Dan Cohen (Bruce Hornsby).  They provide the bedrock for his sonic explorations, ensuring each album is a journey into the heart of Americana.

A decade spent crisscrossing the globe solo, captivating audiences with his songs and stories, honed Lewis' stagecraft. "SOLO" (2020), recorded live in Nashville, is a testament to his raw talent and magnetic charisma. It's an intimate snapshot, a fan favorite sure to endure.

"HARLEY KIMBRO LEWIS": Three Weavers, One Tapestry

2021 saw the birth of HARLEY KIMBRO LEWIS, a collaboration simmering for nearly a decade. The trio, Martin Harley, Daniel Kimbro, and Sam Lewis, weave their musical voices into a tapestry of original songs, channeling the spirit of "The Band" in their writing and recording process. Check out Sam's current touring schedule and upcoming shows with Harley Kimbro Lewis in the UK. 

While each album offers a distinct flavor, Lewis' music invariably circles back to a universal truth: "We are all trying to get somewhere — all running from something or toward something; we're all in it together, though." He doesn't just sing it; he embodies it, making every listener feel part of the human tapestry he so beautifully paints with his music.