March 2014 dates in the lone star state & a free Mp3

My first visit to the mid-west begins in March 2014. In preparation for my multi city tour of Texas I have completed many tasks: waited for the Dallas Cowboy season to end, listened to Guy Clark’s Texas Cooking for two straight weeks, watched 3/4 of Lonesome Dove, brushed up on some Spanish culture including language and cuisine, and added an extra layer of tinting to my car windows – (I’ve heard ‘long-hairs’ get profiled).        FULL TOUR SCHEDULE 

March 4th at the Magnolia Motor Lounge in Fort Worth, TX will be my very first show in the great state of Texas. Making it to town a little early allowed me to visit before playing which never happens. I was happy to see past and future show posters of many great acts from all over Texas and other parts of the country including some of my East Nashville ken like Patrick Sweany and Samantha Harlow.

March 6th & 7th at the ALOFT hotel’s in both Irving, TX and Austin, TX locations you will find me entertaining some weary and not so weary travelers. That SXSW Festival will be in full force by then. I’m calling this back to back hotel series ‘Gettin’ Caught At the ALOFT’. I’m pretty sure that’s not original, but I will be playing some originals there for sure.

LIVE@ALOFT Hotels choses to feature “Down To The Wire” as their free song of the month! 

If you haven’t gotten the chance to hear “Down To The Wire” (or you’ve lost your copy of the CD) NOW is your chance to get it again, and for FREE! Click the image below to download! Don’t ‘Bogart’ this great news, share with your friends!

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