Introducing the limited edition Sam Lewis coffee! What? Coffee? Yup, coffee… turns out all this touring makes for some pretty interesting connections. While on the road I met micro-roaster Kevin Duckett who owns and operates Smoky Mountain Roasters in lovely Waynesville, NC. After a highly intellectual and caffeinated conversation we came up with the idea of creating my own blend of coffee. To make the packaging hipper than a hippo I immediately reached for my  ‘Super-Awesome People’ Rolodex and called  Pam Esposito (my go to designer in L.A.) and the next thing we all knew is what we now share with you…

Has another night passed you by since that special someone gave you that final kiss before moving on to another? Have they been haunting you in your dreams, causing you to wake up mad and late for work? This isn’t a melancholy blend of beans, but a caffeinated ass kicking for your bad dreams! Oh, by the way this coffee tastes best while listening to my song IN MY DREAMS, which you can find swimming around in this beautifully designed sack. It’s all in the bag. Seriously, it’s all in the bag – LOOK! 
We all wanted to do something that gave back so with every purchase 20% of proceeds go to the Head Start Association (North Carolina Chapter).  Not only do you get a great tasting 1lb sack of Light/Medium Roasted coffee that has been Handpicked and bought through Fair Trade and comes with a FREE download of my ‘hit’ song In My Dreams, but you get a legal high off the caffeine from doing a good deed! A Limited Edition item with only 200 bags available! Learn more about Head Start HERE and do something extra awesome and buy a bag HERE

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