02/15 waiting on you

Sam Lewis, who comes up third in our lineup is a Tennessean by choice. After an itinerant youth, he settled in Knoxville for the music scene there and then moved to Nashville to widen his reach. We’ve enjoyed Sam at Music City Roots several times and each time I’m impressed with his ease of delivery and the depth of his feeling. He’s got rhythm in his bones but he seems to live deliberately a micro-second behind the beat. I once wrote that his songs have a ‘been-there-forever’ quality and I’ll stand by that. Tunes like “Down To The Wire” and “The Cross I Wear” would have gotten Steve Cropper and Duck Dunn engaged had they been pitched at Stax in the early 60s. And indeed they have engaged some of Nashville’s best musicians, who’ve been effusive about making music with Sam; featuring Kenny Vaughan who helps brighten up the set.”  – Craig Havighurst


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